The Xenon Arc test (Weatherometer): test the lightfastness of your material

The Xenon Arc test (also known as Weatherometer or WOM test) is the most reliable test to simulate the long-term effect of sunlight and moisture on (the coating of) a product. Unlike the QUV test, the Xenon Arc test uses the full spectrum of sunlight. UVA as well as UVB and visible light are simulated using a Xenon lamp.

Would you like to check the resistance of your coating to light ageing using the Xenon Arc test?

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What the Xenon Arc test measures

The Xenon Arc test is a weathering test and is used to measure resistance to (sun) light, moisture and heat. This is also called the lightfastness. The test is intended in particular for products that are (frequently) used outside, such as wall cladding, means of transport, patio furniture and outdoor lamps. For indoor applications, the test can be adjusted using special filters that ensure the light has the same composition as light entering through a window.

This weathering test simulates years of the effect of sun and moisture on a coating in a few weeks.

The difference between the QUV test and the Xenon Arc test

The light from the Xenon lamp corresponds better to daylight in terms of wavelength than the light used in the QUV test. To simulate daylight even better, a daylight or glass filter can also be used during the Xenon Arc test. This makes the correlation with practice even better.

Would you like to know which test is most suitable for your product?

These materials are suitable

The Xenon Arc test is designed for:

  • Coatings on all possible surfaces;
  • Uncoated plastics.


Would you like to test another material? Please call 013 – 463 06 88 to discuss the possibilities.

The Xenon Arc test meets the following quality standards

We can perform the Xenon Arc test according to many different standards. For plastics, the most commonly used standard is ISO 4892-2, for coatings it is ISO 16474-2. For leather and textiles, we usually apply ISO 4892-2 ISO 105-B02, ISO 105-B04 and a large number of ASTM standards.

Working method

Based on the specific quality standard, we expose the test material in a climate chamber to light that simulates practice as closely as possible. We use special Xenon Arc lamps for this purpose, which emit light with the correct wavelength. The temperature is also set in accordance with the quality standard.

It is also possible to spray demineralised water on the test products in the climate chamber in a controlled manner to simulate rain and rapid cooling.

Xenon Arc test duration

The correlation between the Xenon Arc test and practice depends on several factors, including the type of material and the application of the product. We can only determine this exact correlation if we have field data that we can compare with the laboratory results.

In theory, 500 hours of testing with artificial weathering is roughly equivalent to a year of sunlight, heat and moisture in Western Europe.

Please note that this is only a rule of thumb. Please contact the M2LAB specialists for advice on the test duration relevant to your situation and product.

Reporting and advice

Within five working days after completing the Xenon Arc test, you will receive a report with the results. After reading the report, you may still need advice on how to improve the quality of the product. As a specialist in the field of industrial surface treatment, our staff is always available to offer you advice.

Call +31 (0)13 – 463 06 88 for more information about the lead times for your required laboratory tests.

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