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The art and science of coating impact testing

The art and science of coating impact testing

When it comes to ensuring the quality and longevity of coatings, impact testing stands as a critical procedure distinct from other tests like adhesion or elasticity assessments. In this article we’ll delve into the technical side of it.

Focus on the coatings' resistance to deformation

While adhesion testing evaluates the bond strength between the coating and the substrate, and elasticity testing gauges a coating’s ability to stretch without breaking, impact testing focuses on a coating’s resistance to deformation from sudden forces. Which is depending on both adhesion and elasticity of the product. Impact resistance is vital in environments where materials are subject to mechanical shocks or physical impacts.

Testing according to industrial standards
At M2LAB, in general we conduct our tests in line with ISO 6272, employing both the direct and indirect method. This methodology involves dropping a weight from varying heights onto a coated panel. The results provide insights into the coating’s resistance to cracking, chipping, or delamination under impact.

M2LAB: Independent laboratory for paints and coatings
This week, M2LAB has enhanced its capabilities with the acquisition of the state-of-the-art Elcometer Impact Testing device. With this, we’re now equipped to perform a comprehensive range of standards including:

  • ASTM D 2794: Resistance against deformation
  • ASTM D 5420: Quantifying force for rupture
  • AS/NZS 1580.406.1: Resilience metrics
  • BS 6496;1984: Specialized for aluminum surfaces
  • BS 3900 E13: Assessing paint film impacts
  • ECCA T5: For coil coated metals
  • EN 12206 1;2004: Standards for aluminum and its alloys

At M2LAB, we remain dedicated to offering the most advanced and relevant testing solutions.

De Coating Nerd

“Waar ik ook ben, op mijn werk of als ik vrij ben, ik kijk naar alles waar een verflaagje op zit. Helemaal als er iets mis mee is. Roestplekken, blaasjes en afbladderende verf, daar word ik gelukkig van! Nou ja, gelukkig… dat is wat overdreven. Maar ik vind het machtig interessant. Wat een mazzel heb ik dan ook dat ik hier mijn beroep van heb mogen maken. De hele dag onderzoek doen aan verfsystemen, ge(poeder)coate voorwerpen en bedrijven helpen bij het verbeteren van hun product.”

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