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Microscopic analysis

Microscopic analysis: how thick are the layers of paint built up on your product?

With microscopic analysis, we investigate the cause of coating damage and reveal the layer structure of paint systems.

We can make a microscopic analysis of any conceivable type of material that has a coating on it.

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How does microscopic analysis work?

In this analysis, we prepare the product by vertically embedding a sample in epoxy resin and then curing and polishing it with UV light. This method of preparation allows us to see the structure of the paint system: the number of paint layers, layer thicknesses the individual layers and dirt. This test is particularly suitable for determining causes of defects and edge coverage.

Reporting and advice

Within five working days of completing the microscopic analysis, you will receive a report with the results. After reading the report, you may still need advice on how to improve the quality of the product. As specialists in the field of industrial surface treatment, our employees always have advice to help you with this.

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Would you like to have your product tested through microscopic analysis?