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The machu test: do you want to know the quality of a coating super fast?

The machutest is a quick and dirty method for understanding the corrosion resistance of paint systems. With this technique you can obtain a first indication of the quality of the product within two to four days. This test is part of Qualicoat’s in-house inspections.

We perform this test as prescribed in the Qualicoat specification.

ISO/IEC 17025 accredited

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How does the machu test work?

On a (powder) coated test panel, we apply a scratch exactly 1 mm wide. Then we immerse the panel, at a constant temperature, in a bath containing a mixture of demineralized water, sodium chloride and hydrogen peroxide. When testing on aluminum, stainless steel and steel, we reduce the acidity with acetic acid to pH 3. For galvanized steel, we keep a pH of 6.

After the test, we know very roughly how quickly the material will rust or to what extent a coating protects against rusting.

Reporting and advice

Within five working days of completing the machine test, you will receive a report with the results. After reading the report, you may still need advice on how to improve the quality of the product. As specialists in the field of industrial surface treatment, our employees always have advice to help you with this.

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