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Immersion test

The immersion test: how well is your product resistant to liquids?

Immersion testing, also known as immersion testing, will give you quick insight into the resistance of your product to a particular liquid.

At M2LAB we perform the immersion test according to ISO 2812. This test is part of the ISO 12944.

ISO/IEC 17025 accredited

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How does an immersion test work?

A product is placed in a tank containing the respective liquid for a predetermined time, and specific temperature. At the end of the test cycle, we assess the surface of the tested material for blistering and other visible changes. This immersion test is suitable for:

  • Metal surfaces with an organic coating;
  • Metal surfaces with a galvanic coating;
  • Metal surfaces without a coating;
  • Wooden surfaces with a coating;
  • Plastic surfaces with a coating.

Reporting and advice

Within five business days of completing the immersion test, you will receive a report with the results. After reading the report, you may still need advice on how to improve the quality of the product. As specialists in the field of industrial surface treatment, our employees always have advice to help you with this.

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