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Diamond test

Diamond test: how well is your coating resistant to scratching in with a knife?

The lozenge test is a test that provides insight into how well a paint adheres to the substrate after cutting with a knife. The test is suitable for organic layers up to 250 µm. For coating layers thicker than 250 microns, the pull-off adhesion test according to ISO 4624 is applied.

We perform the checkered test according to ISO 2409 or ASTM D3359.

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How does the Diamond test work?

In the checkerboard test, a checkerboard pattern is applied to the coating to be measured. The checkered pattern is applied by using a cutting tool with 6 teeth (ISO method) or 11 teeth (ASTM method) to cut two series of lines at 90° right angles to each other. This creates a checkerboard pattern.

The distance between the lines is determined by the coating thickness. After cutting in, adhesive tape is used to check whether the coating retains its adhesion.

Reporting and advice

You will receive a report with the results within five working days of completing the check test. After reading the report, you may still need advice on how to improve the quality of the product. As specialists in the field of industrial surface treatment, our staff always have advice to help you with this.

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