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Lab testing overview

Do you want to know the quality of a product with a metal, wood or plastic surface? Or would you like to know the quality of paints & coatings? M2LAB offers a wide range of surface tests to get certainty about this. We test according to various standards, such as DIN, ISO, ASTM, etc.

You can contact us to test for example: fasteners, fencing, coatings, printing inks, machine parts, garden furniture, toys, cables, parquet, ship decks and window frames.

Advantages M2LAB

ISO/IEC 17025 accredited

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We are 100% independent

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24/7 visibility into your pending orders

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A test that simulates an environment in which a product rapidly rusts.
A test that simulates an environment in which a product rapidly rusts.
A test that simulates the effects of sun and moisture over several weeks.
The most reliable test to simulate the years-long influence of sunlight and moisture on your product in an accelerated manner.
This test is the worldwide standard for charting the abrasion resistance of your material.
A test that tells if your product can withstand wear from sand or other abrasives.
A test that measures the influence of chemicals on your product.
The ideal instrument for accurately measuring the layer thickness of a galvanic coating.
A quick way to test your product’s resistance to water vapor.
A test that measures how your product behaves under water or in extremely humid conditions.
A test according to ISO 12944-9 for coatings in the tide line (splash zone).
A test to determine the resistance of materials to industrial climate / acid rain.
A method to reveal color and gloss abnormalities.
The fastest way to understand the corrosion resistance of your product.
An accurate method for determining the cause of (paint) problems.
An effective method for measuring the adhesion of thick coatings.
Quickly clarify wear, scratch resistance, adhesion, film thickness and elasticity of your product.
A test to determine the adhesion of paints and coatings to a substrate.
A test to determine the “breathability” of a paint/coating.