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    ESDEC Logo
    Arno Damhuis – Esdec
    Innovators in mounting systems for solar panels
    “M2LAB is pre-eminently a customer-oriented organization with extensive testing facilities. They have the appropriate knowledge and are willing to share this.”
    PAL-V Logo
    Rik Roemen – Pal-V
    Dutch producer of world’s first flying car
    “M2Lab is readily available for questions and has the knowledge and expertise we need to test and prepare a flying car for market launch. The M2LAB team is competent and easily approachable.”
    Jasper – Apex Automotive
    Automotive company specialized in auto detailing and customization
    “M2LAB has a proven track record for testing objectively and independently. The team is familiar with the strict norms within the automotive industry. We consider the clear reports and short lines of communication as major advantages.”