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In our blog series, we take you through the key aspects of international standards and share customer case studies illustrating their applications. Learn how complying with these industrial standards help you to develop more sustainable products in the most efficient way possible.

When it comes to ensuring the quality and longevity of coatings, impact testing stands as a critical procedure distinct from other tests like adhesion or elasticity assessments.

An Exploration of ISO 12944-9 Standard

The ISO 12944-9 standard provides comprehensive guidelines for safeguarding steel structures from corrosion using protective paint systems.

Why is it Better to use Full Size Specimens in Salt Spray Testing

Testing only small parts of a product, instead of full-size specimens may seem like a convenient and affordable solution. But in many cases it is NOT …

Unlocking the Power of
ISO 12944

Discover the ins and outs of ISO 12944, the international standard for corrosion protection of steel structures, and learn how it can benefit your projects.

Unraveling the Mysteries:
Saltspray Testing Explained

Dive into the world of corrosion resistance testing as we explore and explain the intricate process of saltspray testing. Gain insights into its importance, methods, and applications in various industries.

Xenon Testing Services Explained

Explore the intricacies of xenon testing services as we dissect its importance, working process, and applications. Unravel the mysteries of xenon testing services and get all your questions answered!