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About us

Specialists with a sense of practice

We are a small team so communication lines are short, both internally and with you, our customer. We are all involved in the testing process, but in addition we all have our personal specialties. This way we form a complete team that tackles every assignment professionally. We do our work together with you.

Personal contact
Personal contact is central to M2LAB, you will always have direct contact with the specialist. After the tests, we will discuss the results and possible points of improvement for your product. With our extensive knowledge of materials, we will gladly advise you on the steps to take.

Advantages M2LAB

ISO/IEC 17025 accredited

Download our scope here.

We are 100% independent

This ensures maximum trust with your customers.

24/7 visibility into your pending orders

As a result, you know exactly when to expect your report.

Ben Hoppener

Ben Hoppener

The Coating Nerd

“Wherever I am, at work or when I’m off, I look at anything that has a coat of paint on it. Especially if there is something wrong with it. Rust spots, blisters and peeling paint, that makes me happy! Well, happy … that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But I find it mighty interesting. How lucky I am to have been able to make this my profession. Doing research all day on paint systems, (powder) coated objects and helping companies improve their product.

My ambitions with M2LAB are big. Our mission is to make M2LAB the largest independent coatings laboratory in the world before the end of 2025. To achieve this ambitious goal, I and my team are committed to giving our clients an unparalleled customer experience.”

Nadir Vural √únal

Commercial Laboratory Technician

“My first order remains my most special moment at M2LAB. I enjoy offering our customers a listening ear, thinking with them about their situation and looking for an appropriate solution. It feels good to be able to contribute to that solution. I see our problem-solving ability as our strongest point. The diversity of customer questions and the challenge we face with each one is what I like most about my job.”


Mirjana van de Ven

Administrative assistant/laborator

“M2LAB is the most fun lab in the Netherlands! I am an administrative assistant, but I also get to work in the lab. That is really incredibly fun. Whether that is difficult? I don’t have to worry about breaking anything, because as Ben says “It’s our job to break things!” I also make sure my colleagues don’t overspend. That variety in tasks, makes this a very nice workplace for me.”

Rob Brakenhoff

Laboratory manager

“Enthusiastic and ambitious, that’s who we are. The warm welcome on my first day of work made me feel right at home at M2LAB, and the variety of clients and activities makes the work constantly interesting and challenging. I was already familiar with the technical side of the business, but still learn new things here, such as working with our computer system.”


Stefan Vermeer

Laboratory Assistant

“I most enjoy the pleasant work atmosphere and the challenge of working my way through the many tests we perform here at M2LAB. The most special moment when I started at M2LAB was the positive first impression I got from Ben and my new colleagues. The flexibility at M2LAB allows me to make sure I am there when needed both at home and on the job!”

Does your product meet the quality requirements?
We have the answer!

Does your product need to meet a certain ISO/DIN/ASTM standard? Do you have a product that is in the testing phase? Or does your customer have certain requirements for your product? Then you can have it tested at M2LAB.

We test a wide range of products. From lampposts to portholes and from garden fences to truck bumpers.

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