About Us

Specialists with a sense of practice

Our team of coating specialists helps clients check and validate the quality of industrial paints and coatings. We do a lot of work for paint manufacturers and the oil and gas industry. We also help importers and manufacturers of lacquered products to avoid complaints about corrosion and discolouration caused by sunlight. We do this by carrying out input and output checks on production batches.

Professional and personal

Personal contact is central at M2LAB, so you always have direct contact with the specialist. After the tests are completed, we can discuss the results and possible improvements to your product.

At M2LAB, the lines of communication are short, both internally and with you, our client. As a result, we are always able to answer questions promptly and satisfactorily.

Our employees each have their own specialism. In this way, we form a complete team that handles every assignment professionally. We do our work together with you.

Globally active

We’re providing our services to companies not only in Europe but all over the world; from Mexico to China and from Sri Lanka to Brazil.