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Certification of paint systems
As a laboratory with several ISO 17025 accredited tests, M2LAB helps paint manufacturers with certifications to ISO 12944, Norsok 501 and many other industry standards.

Research on longevity of painted products
M2LAB helps manufacturers and importers of painted products who want to know how well their product resists corrosion, weathering and wear.

More than just testing
At M2LAB, we don’t just conduct tests, we are happy to help you choose the right test and interpret results. This ensures that you understand what the test results say about your product.

Advantages M2LAB

ISO/IEC 17025 accredited

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We are 100% independent

This ensures maximum trust with your customers.

24/7 visibility into your pending orders

As a result, you know exactly when to expect your report.

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Customer Reviews

PAL-V Logo
Rik Roemen – Pal-V
Dutch producer of world’s first flying car
“M2Lab is readily available for questions and has the knowledge and expertise we need to test and prepare a flying car for market launch. The M2LAB team is competent and easily approachable.”
Arno Damhuis – Esdec
Innovators in mounting systems for solar panels
“M2LAB is pre-eminently a customer-oriented organization with extensive testing facilities. They have the appropriate knowledge and are willing to share this.”
Jasper – Apex Automotive
Automotive company specialized in auto detailing and customization
“M2LAB has a proven track record for testing objectively and independently. The team is familiar with the strict norms within the automotive industry. We consider the clear reports and short lines of communication as major advantages.”

State-of-the-Art Testing Facilities

Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Here we can perform almost all conceivable tests for coatings and paint systems. For corrosion tests, we have 7 salt spray cabinets at our disposal, including two cyclic and one XXL, for products up to 2.5 m long and max 1000 kg.

For sunlight resistance testing, we have 4 QUV and 8 Xenon-Arc weathering chambers (weatherometers) at our disposal.
Naturally, all equipment is also available for color measurement, gloss measurement, wear, microscopy and a wide range of mechanical tests.

Wondering which test you need?

M2LAB performs testing according to established, standardized procedures. These are laid down in ISO, ASTM norms. This ensures that conditions during the test are always within certain limits and thus results of different tests can always be compared.

We love our profession!

When you work with us, you notice it right away: We love our job! Our team consists of a group of enthusiastic coating specialists, so we have an answer to every paint-related question.

Our customer service is always ready to answer any questions about the progress of your orders. In addition, you will find that you will always receive a quote quickly, usually within 24 hours, for the test you would like to perform.

A reliable partner who cares about your product

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